About  the Authors

Note: Photos are approximate.

Photo by David Sokol Photography

Dave London (right) is an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator whose clients include the Wall Street Journal, the Saturday Evening Post and Reader's Digest.

Peter Chianca (left) writes a humor column, "At Large," that has won several first-place awards from the New England Newspaper & Press Association and Gatehouse Media's "Best of Gatehouse" contest.

Their previous comic strip, "Grey Matter," ran in more than 100 newspapers nationwide and in Canada. Pet Peeves debuted in February of 2016 and is currently distributed by the More Content Now syndicate to more than 600 newspapers and news websites around the U.S. The first three years of strips were published as "Pet Peeves," the book, in April 2019. The pair also hosts the Strip Search comic strip podcast for Gatehouse Media.

Both Dave and Pete live in Massachusetts, but not with each other.

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