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Comics and comic strips are more popular than ever among kids of all ages. But planning and executing an engaging comic can be tricky and time consuming if you don’t know where to start, especially for kids. 


That’s why young patrons will enjoy our “Create Your Own Comic Strip!” workshop, where we’ll use the methods we’ve developed producing our nationally-distributed comic strips “Grey Matter” and “Pet Peeves,” and our three book collections, to guide young would-be cartoonists, no matter what their drawing ability, through every step of the creation process.

Setup for the workshop is simple – all we need from you is plain paper and pencils for the participants and, ideally, a monitor to display our presentation (although we can make do with handouts if necessary). And the kids leave having created several installments of an original comic strip they’ve devised and executed from scratch.

The workshop is available to libraries, schools, and conventions in the New England area. Want to learn more? You can email us at

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