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NAME: Sara Peeves


FAMILY: Mom Jasmine “Jazz” Peeves; dad CJ Peeves; brother Freddy Peeves.


SCHOOL: Benjamin Goodrich Junior High


LIKES: Broadway (even though she’s never actually been there); singing and dancing, when she’s not looking at her phone; looking at her phone; bothering her brother; getting good grades; being smarter than all the boys in her class (and pretty much everyone else); “The Fault in Our Stars” featuring her OTP Hazel and Augustus (that’s One True Pairing, please try to keep up); the expression “Bye Felicia”; Taylor Swift, because duh; spa days with mom and seeing plays with dad, although she’ll never admit it.

DISLIKES: Stupid boys, and boy are there a lot of them; being the beneficiary of middle-class privilege; other people bothering her brother (that’s her job); team sports (she’ll take gymnastics and dance, thanks); not making high honor roll, which actually happened once; the expression “on fleek,” which is ratchet; when her parents act weird, which is often; the fact that she actually likes boy bands, which is just so basic.


DREAM PROFESSION: Broadway chanteuse engineer lawyer



LEAST FAVORITE FAMILY ACTIVITY: Anything that’s not Disney World


TV KID SHE THINKS SHE’S LIKE: Daria Morgendorffer, whom she watches on Hulu.

TV KID SHE’S ACTUALLY LIKE: Joanie Cunningham, whom she could watch on MeTV if she watched MeTV, which she definitely doesn’t (ew).

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